Passive Investor Group (PIG) Membership

Lane Kawaoka - Founder,

Dear prospective PIG member,

I’m sorry to pop your bubble but sophisticated passive investors know that the local real estate club is typically a bunch of people who don’t have much money/assets.

When I was a young engineer, I always got an icky feeling whenever I went to a meeting because other than the tire-kickers, there were sharks that just wanted to stuff me into debt investments (non-equity investments where there were no tax benefits).

 It was not until I started to find other passive investors like myself was when my investing started to take off.

Your network is your net worth for the following reasons:
  • Collaborate on Joint Ventures
  • Swap reliable vendor referrals
  • Co-source due-diligence
  • Mastermind strategies
  • And have a good time with other like minded people
Problem: How as a passive investor do you find other passive investors when other passive investors are anti-social and don’t realize they need a community?
Trouble is most passive investors are not going to come out to a low value meeting due to:
  • Not being a mix-and-mingle twenty year old anymore
  • Value privacy for litigation avoidance
  • Being tired after going to a professional 50-60+ hour a week job
  • Or having a young child or older parent at home they are responsible for

I have assembled a core group of passive investors to break this current paradigm.

Come and join our tribe of passive investors!



Lane Kawaoka, PE, Founder ReiAloha, Podcaster at

PS – We have discounts with Home Depot which we can share with you but why would you? Be an investor not a landlord! 

Two Membership Options

A great way to get to know us (and we learn about you)!


$1,500 per year* per 2-person business partnership

$1,000 per year* per individual/spouse/significant other

*Price will go up as we develop a core group and will admit people on a sponsor/invite-only basis so lock in your renewal rate now

*We are serious about giving back 50% of all membership dues will go to charity!!!


Where does our money go?

Annual dues will go up as we expand upon our existing core group in order to improve the quality of our events and expand our reach and bring in other passive investors who were once uncomfortable of venturing to a typical real estate investing meeting.

We are proud that 50% off all dues will go to a local charity as we champion a positive culture to attract not only the best passive investors but also the best People.

Happy Hours
Educational Workshops
Online "Structured" Networking
Special Events
Breakfast Meetings
Special Events

Join Our Exclusive Club

New member admittance will be governed by an invite-only sponsor system outlined below:

  1. Prospective member joins the Free Membership option
  2. Visit a free Breakfast Meeting or Happy Hour Meeting and get to know us
  3. Apply for full membership (notate your sponsor)
  4. Book a call with the Membership board (possibly 2 or more interviews)
  5. Pay your dues ($50 non-refundable)
  6. You will be assigned an Ambassador who is an existing member who will provide mentorship and introduce you to the group
  7. Adopt Member Agreement (Non-Solicit & Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect members privacy and minimize “bad-players”)
  8. Fulfill probation with at least (4) four meetings


Emerald Sponsor – $2,000 per year

Company logo will be included on all PIG website/email announcements. Sponsor will be able to send up to two (2) company representatives to all PIG events (Excluding Masterminds).

Event Sponsor – Varies ($100-500 per event)

Company logo will be included on select PIG website/email announcement. Company will be identified as a primary sponsor for selected event will be able to send up to two (2) company representatives.

Other Sponsors – Send proposals to

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