Would you like to buy a turnkey business? How about sell one since you are wishing to retire (and leave it to someone who will keep the legacy going)?

How would your business perform with an infusion of $100,000?

Pair that with a proven marketing technology that raised over $13 million dollars from a potent list of raving fans to acquire over $155 million dollars of real estate since 2016.

It’s the perfect duo! You and us!

You keep doing your thing as the owner and CEO carrying out your passion and creating your vision.

But let us power your back-end systems and marketing. And we bring our insight, experience so you don’t make the same mistakes, and Rolodex of proven vendors.

Lane Kawaoka is a professionally licensed Industrial Engineer, financial coach, real estate mogul (owner of 3,100+ units & over $300 million dollars of real estate), CEO of ReiAloha.com, CEO of SimplePassiveCashflow.com a top-50 investing podcast, and CEO of CrowdFundAloha.com, and venture capitalist looking to take that right business to the next level.


We have spent hours in formal and informal learning to perfect our methodologies

Email Marketing Class

 Community Building within the Hui Investor Club

Social Media Marketing World 2019

Social Media Marketing World 2019

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