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We have an anti-sales pitch culture and a lets get out of here as soon as possible urgency while delivering the most actionable content!

Download these from the “Workshop: How to buy a rental locally and on the mainland” pdf slides ($5 dollars charge) for a sample of the massive value given in two hours.

Comments from participants:

Great Local networking.

Awesome info (e.g. markets, analyzer, networking/getting referrals tips, etc) provided in a very open manner & the Q&A (the bentos were onolicious, too)

No sales pitch. Honesty and good information. 

Lots of helpful tidbits

Being able to network with like minded people

Useful information presented in a straightforward format without sales fluff

Sharing of your experiences and your honesty; also how you made the clear distinction that you focus on PASSIVE income vs. active income 

Key market and geographical indicators

Focused on basic information, but willing to go more in depth; answered questions candidly; range of individuals interested in event.

You guys truly portrayed a desire to help people realize that real estate can be a vehicle to a better way of life especially for the locals here in Hawaii and I love that. Much needed in our culture today. People helping people.

It covered a wide range of topics that were very informative to a newbie audience. 

Good breakdown of different markets (i.e. primary, secondary…)

Good vibe. Informative