ReiAloha Agent Connect is a free matchmaking service with third-party realtors and brokers on island or on the mainland based on your needs.
We don’t just pick the random Joe who is sitting around twiddling their thumbs. We look into our network and pick out the best one for you based on your location criteria and personality.
We also offer an exclusive network of investment focused real estate agents that help source and suggest local or mail land investment opportunities.
If they give us hard time… We pull them from the list forever! Aloha!

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When I am investing in turnkey rentals or syndications I only work with people I personally know, like, and trust.

That’s how I lost $40,000 in my first deal as a passive investor.


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Referral To Investment Savvy Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Contractor Referrals

Consultation On Where To Invest

Real Estate Investment Networking to connect with people without a horse in the race!


Deal Hunting Trip

If you are a real estate investor who is looking to buy a property on the mainland but want to kick the dirt first… you might as well spend it with other investors and split some of the costs of transportation and travel in safe numbers. Think of it like a Las Vegas ‘Vacation Hawaii’ Tour but we fully intend to make money instead of blowing it on a good time.

You’ll learn new strategies and enjoy the fun activities we have planned for you!

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Learn about the different on and off market investment opportunities during the trip, and be able to walk through several properties for sale.

As an added bonus we will have some memorable activities planned so be ready to have some fun and try something new!


FAQs & Other Important Things To Know

Be prepared to walk a few blocks

We will not be in a hotel meeting room

We’ve kept the group small on purpose: We are limiting the number of ticket sales to 12 so that we can keep the group small enough to provide amazing networking opportunities and easily navigate the city.

What’s included in the ticket price?

The happy hour networking event (no host), activities and speaking events, property tours on Saturday in a chartered bus.

What can I bring into the event?

Comfortable walking shoes! We will be walking to properties downtown, but only a few short blocks.

Business cards for networking: We are confident you will connect with other great people, you’ll want to be sure you can stay in touch with them after the event.

A positive attitude & an open mind: You’re likely to hear some new strategies this weekend from our experienced speakers and from other experienced investors such as development, commercial, apartments etc so bring an open mind.